About Me

My name is Melissa, I reside in New Jersey. I have a huge love for books, this started when I was pretty young. I read all sorts of things such as: comic books, manga, YA, fantasy, paranormal, memoir, thriller, and horror.

I currently work in childcare, so I work with kids of all ages. They’re always fun to talk to and learn about. A fair amount of them read and prefer to read over electronics. I found that fascinating.

I have two pets one is a tea cup cat and the other is a poodle mix pup. Kiki is a calico cat that has so much energy. Lola is just an overall cuddle pup who sits on my lap while reading most days.

Outside of reading I enjoy video games, theatre, concerts, Disney, film/TV, travel, food, and watching hockey; October can’t come soon enough. I’m without a doubt a night owl.


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