Book Review| Wicked Fox

Hello fellow bookworms!

With “Wicked Fox” I had so many mixed feelings. The book started out well. I really loved the strong female characters they spoke to me. Not to mention the mythology which was informative. But outside of that everything else seemed to fall short.

The plot was driven by lies thrown every which way. Trust me, I completely understand that teenagers lie but it just got annoying to a point to where I wasn’t enjoying where the story-line was going. Her writing was alright, nothing to truly brag about. I did like the setting and the start of the story, but the characters were a bit bland considering some of their awesome abilities.

I was very hyped for this book. To the point to where it was one of my most anticipated book releases of the year. So to say the least I was extremely disappointed in what could have been. I might get the second book but from the library first.


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