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So to start, this has by far bested “Nevernight”. The opening pace is constant then keeps on going. I’m without a doubt enthralled with this novel about Mia Corvere. Listening to the audio book also seems to help.

I really enjoy that everyone has their own motives may it be good or bad. Mia’s shadows interfere with basically everything. Mister Kindly wipes away her fears but tends to put her in harms way pretty frequently. Mia is one hell of a bomb shell throughout the book who also has a complexity about her. Which holds my interests.

“Conquer your fear, and you can conquer the world.” 

I truly love how many excellent quotes are in this book. This series is slowly becoming a favorite. It’s the best when a series grows on you. I’m so looking forward to the final installment. I’ll be reading this one instead of audio so I’m excited about the upcoming footnotes.

This book is basically everything the second wasn’t, I loved the characters so much more this time around. Hats off to Jay Kristoff for being amazing. I’m so hesitant to pick up the final book even though it’s sitting right on my shelf.


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