Book Review| House of Salt and Sorrows


For a young adult book it’s pretty dark filled with death. I love all of the characters everyone is so unique. Annaleigh is such a strong and insightful female. She goes out on a limb to find out how and why her sister has died. But along the way she meets someone interesting who catches her eye. Before I forget to mention it is a retelling of ‘Twelve Dancing Princesses’.

These girls stand up for what the believe in, strong minded and I just enjoyed every moment of this book. Annaleigh is not to be messed with honestly. She digs and certainly knows how to find out things. The girls step mother is a tad sketch trying to take the thrown from these girls. But ultimately this lovely story is a fast read. One of the best debuts I’ve read this far. I highly recommend this read. So go forth and read!


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