Travel and Reading

Hi fellow bookworms,

I am back! I ended up taking a spur of the moment vacation at the tail end of August. It was very much needed. On my trip I bought four books down with me. FOUR! It’s honestly not a lot but ZERO reading got done with the exception of the plane on the way to my destination. Typicality how many books do you bookworms take with you on vacation? I’m seriously curious.

There were a ton of good spots to purchase books new and used so, that did get me into trouble instantly. Nothing beats an excellent book bargain! My next vacation coming up I might bring less books even though I know I’ll be left to my own devices a couple times while I’m there. But I am loading up on audio-books too.

I have been on past trips where I have read basically all my books while at the location. This time was very different though. I was with my best friend who I haven’t seen in about a year and I have never been to Alabama so there was lots to explore, didn’t get to a state park this time around because of arcades and video game releases.


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